Thursday, August 28, 2008


They came, they played and they enjoyed their time. First cousins and namesakes Pauliasi Rawasoi (pictured) share among other things a common interest rugby.

And their love of the oval ball game had taken them out of their village. Their first trip was last week when they joined other rugby players from another two schools to represent their Savatu District team to the annual Western Kaji Rugby competition in Nadi.

It might have been just a carrier and bus ride away, but it was a big break for these two boys. The Nadrau lads enjoyed every bit of their trip. I came across them when they were having lunch at Shirley Park in Lautoka before their long trip back home.

While looking for the youngest player in the squad, the older Pauliasi gave his namesake's name.
And he was the one that was doing most of the talking for both of them. The 14-year-old who was part of the Under 14 side said their fathers were brothers.

"And we are both named after our grandfather," he said. He said his namesake was still in Class Two but had been selected to be in the Under 9 team. "He is the youngest out of all the boys in this side," he said.

The older Pauliasi said his namesake was picked during a zone meet because of his outstanding performance. "He can play rugby, he is good," he said. He attributed his cousin's playing skills to his mother. "His mother Kalo is from Qarani in Gau," he said.

"She is related to Serevi and my cousin must have got his playing skills from there." He said that while rugby is played on just a level playing field with an empty bottle back in the village, it did not affect their games in Nadi.

The two boys want to be professional rugby players and both adore Waisale Serevi.
Adapted from Fijitimes Online.

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